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Physical Therapy Home Exercise Videos:

Fact: Annually, 50% of Americans over the age 18 develop a musculo-skeletal injury lasting longer than 3 months

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Where's Your Weakest Link?

Are you looking for home exercise video programs that focus on injury or surgery rehabilitation?

KB Fitness offers entire Video-Based Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Home Exercise Protocols
 for less than the price of one Physical Therapy treatment session!!

No more sharing treatment time with 2 or 3 other patients! 

No more maneuvering your daily routine in order to be able to make your scheduled Physical Therapy clinic appointment, which most often can only occur between 8am and 5pm! 

Absolutely Convenient & Efficient Physical Therapy!!

Get Your Knowledge Base Here!!!

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Neck Pain  Lower Back Pain  Shoulder Pain

                              Neck Pain                                    Low Back Pain                                      Shoulder Pain

      Knee pain               Hip Pain            Elbow Pain

                            Knee Pain                                      Hip Pain                                        Elbow Pain

Ankle Pain     Home Exercise Program        Physical Therapy Consultation
                                   Ankle Pain Pain                                 Home Bound                                 Consultation

With The Strength On Demand Physical Therapy Videos, you will have all your questions answered, such as:

What do I need to do to get better?
What should I “not be doing” so I can avoid re-injury?
When should I be performing these physical therapy home exercises so I do not make my condition worse?
Am I doing the home exercise program correctly?
How often should I be doing the home exercise program?
What exactly are these particular home exercises focusing on?

Fact: Many patients may lose motivation to work hard and recover because after they leave their Physical Therapist, they are not sure how to do the exercises at home

Physical Therapists are here to guide you through your rehabilitation. But the majority of the responsibility for your rehabilitation and recovery is yours. Whether you are attending Physical Therapy sessions or not, you MUST do the physical therapy home exercises if you intend to recover from your injury in a timely manner!

physical therapy schedule
What Are Your Priorities?

Health?    Work?   Family?   Time?    Money?

If 1 of these suffers, many times so will the others...No one wants to give up 1 for the other, and there is no reason why you can't keep it all!!

Strength On Demand Physical Therapy Video Protocols Take All Of This Into Consideration.....

If you are attending Physical Therapy presently, performing the Strength On Demand video exercises will speed up your rehabilitation process.  You may even be able to decrease the amount of weekly visits to your Physical Therapist.
This will save you time and money.

If you are unable to attend Physical Therapy due to work, family or financial limitations, just choose the Physical Therapy Video Protocol
 that best suits your condition and you are on your way to recovery!!

Fact: Only 30% of patients that utilize outpatient Physical Therapy services actually attend all authorized visits.

 No more leaving work early! No more rushing to your appointment!  No more stress over child care!  Less money spent on gas!!

Has a Physical Therapy clinic charged you exorbitant fees or even refused to treat you due to your insurance coverage?  
These Physical Therapy videos are most likely the same exact exercises that you would be doing in the clinic anyway.  They are described by a Physical Therapist who has been in the field for years, working with patients of all ages and abilities.  And best of all, there is no copay when you perform these exercises!!

Fact: If you are covered by health insurance, out-of-pocket copays may range from $10-$75 per visit, or you may be responsible for coinsurance of 10-50%

And no more "waiting your turn" in the clinic.  You will not be sharing your treatment time with 2 or even 3 other patients.  It will just be you and the KB Fitness video instructor.  You can perform your protocol anytime, anywhere!

Fact: If you are not covered by health insurance, each Physical Therapy session could cost anywhere from $50-$300 depending on what is provided

How Are Strength On Demand Physical Therapy Home Exercise Video Protocols Different Than Other Video Programs On The Market?
The Strength On Demand (S.O.D.) Physical Therapy Video Home Exercise Programs are body part and protocol driven videos.  
Many of the Physical Therapy Home Exercise Videos on the market today offer very general home exercise programs that are strictly body part driven.  For example, some websites offer a "Knee" category and then lists various exercises for that particular body part.  It does not explain when to do these exercises, or which exercises are prerequisites for others.  It just offers a list of exercises.  While this may be somewhat beneficial for general body part strengthening, most people turn to Physical Therapy when a particular issue (injury or surgery) regarding that body part arises.  People want more information than just a list of exercises.  They want to know which specific exercises should be performed to rehabilitate that body part and when during their course of rehabilitation should they be doing those exercises in order to avoid further set backs.  

Physical Therapy exercise video DVD

S.O.D. Physical Therapy Home Exercise Video Programs discuss common errors and corrections when performing the exercises, as well as explanations on the value and purpose of each exercise. 

Each Physical Therapy video 
protocol consists of a particular time frame following the injury/surgery which describes all of the exercises that you are advised to do at that particular time/phase. 

A checklist is available for you to take to your doctor and/or Physical Therapist for further protocol customizations. 

In summary, your Physical Therapy Home Exercise Video Program will safely guide you step-by-step from day one post-op or post-injury to the
post rehab fitness stages of your particular condition.
Ask A PT!!

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