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Ankle Physical Therapy Home Exercise Video Protocols 

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Ankle Sprain
- Physical Therapy Home Exercise Video Program: $26.95


lateral ankle sprain

Lateral Ankle Sprains most commonly occur on the lateral aspect or outside part of the ankle.  Pain is felt in this area as a result of tearing of the ankle ligaments.  Swelling and bruising commonly occur, as well as difficulty weight bearing on the injured ankle.  If weight bearing is not an issue, then returning to sport will be relatively quick.  Immobilization of an ankle may be necessary if you are unable to weight bear on it.  Lateral ankle sprains often occur during jumping sports, especially when the foot rolls underneath the ankle.  Although corrective surgery is uncommon, a severe sprain that is not properly rehabilitated may lead to a predisposition to recurrent sprains and instability may result.  Frequent sprains may also lead to cartilage damage in the ankle.  In a typical sprain, MRIs are not commonly performed, and Xrays will show no fractured bones. Rehabilitation exercises, including flexibility, strength, stability and balance training are very important in order to make a complete recovery.

high ankle sprain

In a high ankle sprain, which is the more uncommon sprain, twisting and rotation cause the ligaments to tear between the tibia and fibula, the two lower leg bones.  Stability in this area is extremely important, as walking and running place a great deal of force on this region.  Many times, the ankle is fractured with this type of sprain, which may lead to corrective surgery.

You will receive an 8 week long protocol with over 40 exercises and follow along sessions
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Plantar Fasciitis
- Physical Therapy Home Exercise Video Program: $26.95


plantar fascia
plantar fasciitis

The Plantar Fascia is the thick band of tissue on the bottom of your foot that connects your toes to your heel, supporting your arch.  Small tears in the fascia may occur upon repetitive stress to this area.  Plantar Fasciitis is inflammation of this tissue and is one of the most common causes of heel pain.  The sharp stabbing pain is most frequently felt upon initial stance out of bed or from a chair following an extended period of sitting time.  It is also felt following an extended period of standing.   Common causes of plantar fasciitis are frequent irritation due to long distance running, being overweight or wearing shoes without proper support.   People of age 40-60 most commonly suffer from this pain, as well as those who are “flat footed” or high arched.  Factory workers and teachers who stand on hard surfaces for an extended period of time often require rehabilitation for plantar fasciitis.  An exercise program which includes flexibility, strength, stability and balance training is extremely important in order to make a full recovery.

                You will receive a Two Phase Protocol with 40 exercises and follow along sessions

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