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Benefits of Video Exercise Protocols

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Fact: A survey by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) shows that many people are reducing or completely eliminating visits to the Physical Therapist as a cost-saving measure

In my experience, most people are hesitant to attend Physical Therapy due to conflict with their work schedule or travel responsibilities, finances, family obligations, and transportation issues (climbing gas prices).  They have a very difficult time sticking to the Physical Therapy attendance frequency of 2 to 3 sessions a week for up to an hour each session. 
Why do you need to do a Home Exercise Program? 

Fact: Out of 168 total hours in a week, seeing a Physical Therapist for 2-3 hours a week and expecting to be healed is not realistic.  This is why the Home Exercise Program is important

Attending Physical Therapy 2-3 times a week is helpful. However, that leaves 4-5 days every week without Physical Therapy, and most likely without exercise. The majority of Physical Therapists provide their patients with home exercise program (HEP) handouts. Unfortunately, these handouts can be confusing due to the minimal descriptive information they provide and may lead to further injury if performed incorrectly.

Physical Therapy Home Exercise Program

This Is Where We Come In!!!

Our Video Exercise Protocols provide the following benefits:
  • The information provided in each Physical Therapy exercise video is explained by a medical professional who is experienced in providing Physical Therapy and Personal Training to clients with diagnoses ranging from extreme frailty and deconditioning to athletes recovering from a possible career ending surgery
  • You will receive detailed explanations on proper exercise technique, reasoning for the particular exercises, common mistakes, and technique corrections. 
  • Compared to paper handouts, you are less likely to misplace a DVD or Flash Drive, and the convenient access to the exercise video information decreases the chance of further injuring yourself, which can occur when following a paper home exercise program handout. 
  • This website offers complete rehabilitation exercise protocols...Once purchased, you will not have to pay copays each time you perform the exercises
  • Most of the protocols include follow along routines that take no longer than 25 minutes to complete, and are already organized for you.  This takes the guess-work out of devising your own exercise program 
  • The Physical Therapy protocols allow you to perform a Home Exercise Program frequently and correctly, which will help you to accomplish your Physical Therapy goals faster
  • Great to use in conjunction with your current Physical Therapy Program
  • Great to use if your insurance does not cover many Physical Therapy visits
  • May allow you to reduce the amount of weekly visits to your current Physical Therapist
Fact: Many times it is easier to schedule a single follow up appointment into your busy schedule than multiple weeks worth of appointments
  • Video based follow along Physical Therapy Protocols may also assist with injury prevention        
  •         Access to these exercise videos and program printouts make it easier for you to discuss your progress and activity level with your doctor, surgeon, or current Physical Therapist
  • Accessible 24/7 to detailed videos for those who work late and are unable to leave their jobs in order to attend Physical Therapy sessions, or are fearful of losing their job as a result of frequently leaving early in order to attend therapy. And no more scheduling conflicts to deal with!   
  • You can take your S.O.D. Physical Therapy Exercise PC Flash Drive or DVD when traveling for business.  All you need is your PC or DVD player
  • If you are a Fitness Trainer, purchasing these exercise videos will help to expand your clientele, as you will gain the knowledge through these exercise videos to help safely and effectively progress injured or recovering clients (Special Populations).  Routines have been developed in weekly time frames according to rehabilitative protocols used by Medical Professionals.  This allows you, the Fitness Trainer to play an important role in your client’s Health Care Team
  • Provides you with the ability to perform the Physical Therapy exercises in the comfort of your own home,                                                 minimizing time away from your family                                                                                                                                   

Fact: The average outpatient course of care is only between 7-10 visits, with reimbursement and the number of approved visits on the decline  

After purchasing your Video Exercise Protocol , you have the convenience of doing the Physical Therapy exercises anytime, anywhere! KB Fitness is your source for Strength On Demand!  


When looking for quality Physical Therapy exercises that will fit into your busy schedule,’s (S.O.D.) Physical Therapy home exercise video protocols provide you with the convenience of playing an active role in your injury rehabilitation, while minimizing the financial and personal strain.  You will no longer need to take time out of work or away from your family.  As a customer, you will gain access to one-on-one rehab exercise video sessions with a well-trained and experienced Physical Therapist. Your Video Therapist guides you through each individual exercise.  Most protocols also include a ‘follow along’ training routine, which is organized into attainable time frames that coincide with your specific injury or surgical procedure. The progression of the exercises is usually the same, whether you are in the clinic or exercising in your home. The exercise videos clearly explain what to do, how to do the particular exercise, why you are doing the specific exercise, and what to avoid when repeating the exercise, in order to prevent re-injury.  S.O.D. will empower you, as an individual, to reach your rehab and fitness goals. As a Fitness Trainer, S.O.D. will give you the potential for increased success in treating injuries, satisfying your clients, and providing you with an increase in client volume. Never again will you turn away a client recovering from a rehabilitative condition!

Save Money
Save Time
Eliminate Stress
Take Less Time Away From Work or Home Responsibilities
Seek Convenience

Take Control of Your Recovery

Strength On Demand....
It's a no brainer!!!

For further convenience, check out the Video Products Section.  In this section, you can purchase some of the more common Physical Therapy exercise tools that will enhance your video rehabilitation sessions.  You will not need to leave your home in order to purchase resistance bands, stretch straps, etc... S.O.D. brings these tools to you!

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