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online fitness consultation

Are you currently in pain, recovering from an injury, or considering surgery? 

Have you started Physical Therapy? 

Are you already training with a KB Fitness Video Home Exercise Protocol? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you may have compiled a list of questions, such as...

Is what I am feeling "normal"?

What activities should I modify in order to maximize my recovery?

How can I adjust my everyday activities to be more efficient and less symptomatic?

Am I performing the exercises with proper technique?

How do I safely and properly progress the exercises in order to increase the challenge?

How do I modify exercises as a result of other issues or complications that I may be experiencing?

Overwhelmed, stressed out and even helpless may describe what you are feeling at this point, as if you have “fallen through the healthcare cracks.”  These feelings do not make the rehabilitation process an easy one.  Concerns about pain, changes in your daily functional abilities, as well as curiosity regarding precautions to consider if you are recovering from injury or surgery may also be present.  You may wonder if there are any products out there that can make your life easier. 

We understand all of these concerns and provide a consultation service via email or Skype.

                       email fitness consultation                          skype physical therapy

We can do this on a one-time basis, or provide follow-up assessments as frequently as you need in order to properly guide you through your rehabilitation and wellness process. 

If you have searched our protocols and cannot find one that meets your needs, we can also customize a video home exercise program following an initial email or Skype consultation.  This Custom Video Protocol will be developed based on our findings
as well as your goals which will be discussed during your initial assessment.  Once you purchase the initial consultation ($49.99), you will receive an email in order to schedule your Skype session (these sessions may be recorded).  If you prefer the consultation to be via Email instead of Skype, you will receive an email to initiate the text discussion.  During the initial consultation, we will discuss your condition of concern, including prior medical/surgical history, related injuries, current symptoms/impairments, previous Physical Therapy/Personal Training visits, other related medical consultations and diagnostic tests, as well as your goals and any other relevant information.  If we do not feel that a current S.O.D. exercise video protocol will meet your needs/goals, we will then discuss the option of developing a customized video exercise program ($39.99)       

Initial Consultation $49.99

Custom Home Exercise Program: $39.99

After payment for Initial Consultation, Contact
 KB Fitness:
phone/text msg: 772-485-9447
fax: 877-593-4190
skype: strength.on.demand

Shipping/Handling for each Protocol is FREE Within Continental United States!!!