Your source for rehabilitation, post rehabilitation, and injury prevention. 

Fitness In A "Flash"

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Everyone wants to be Fit

But you cannot be at your best if you are injured or in pain. 

If you are motivated to get Fit, you must take responsibility and hold yourself accountable. 

KB Fitness
will help you do this, by providing you with a
Knowledge Base that will act as a foundation to help prevent injuries, recover from injuries or surgeries and maximize your fitness level and well-being. 

We have taken some of the most common injuries, and developed video-based rehabilitation exercise protocols in
follow-along formats. 

Some of our protocols are broken down into exercise phases, while others are based on rehabilitation time frames. 

The appropriate exercises for your condition are provided in video format in a DVD or PC compatible flash drive…your
Drive to Fitness!! 

You can perform the exercises anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a DVD Player or PC with a USB drive. 

Many of the protocols include follow along training sessions, comprised of the exercises that you will learn.  Printouts listing the exercises will also be included so that you can not only keep track of your progress, but also show your doctor, trainer or therapist in order to notify them of your activity performance. 

KB Fitness be your
Knowledge Base for injury prevention and recovery, so that you can be "Fit in a Flash!!"  

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