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Physical Therapy Exercise Videos For Those Who Are Homebound
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Following a hospitalization due to a medical condition, surgery, or an injury caused by falling down, many patients will be discharged either to a nursing facility or return to their home.  Depending on their condition and diagnosis, some patients may be extremely weak, unsteady on their feet and deconditioned.   Exercise is a critical component of recovery at this time.  If it takes “considerable and taxing effort” to leave home, you are considered to be “Homebound” according to Medicare criteria.  It may be difficult to leave home as a result of needing to use an assistive device such as a walker or wheelchair. You may need the assistance of another person for safety or due to poor activity tolerance which makes it extremely taxing to leave home. 

fall prevention
bed transfers

Since your goal will be to return to your prior activity level, a general conditioning program is necessary to maximize your safety, strength and balance.  This will help you to avoid falling down and will improve your ability to transition from one position to another, such as arising from a chair. 

This Home Exercise Video Series includes exercise videos aimed at improving:

  • Balance
  • General full body strength
  • Transfer ability such as in/out of bed, up/down from a chair
  • Bed mobility
  • Gait (walking)
  • Stair climbing
  • Fall recovery
  • Symptoms and Functional impairments related to Osteoporosis and Stroke conditions

            Includes a 6-day training routine combining chair exercises, bed exercises, and exercises standing at your kitchen sink.  Sections on Bed Mobility, Transfers, Fall Recovery and Osteoporosis-specific exercises are also included

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