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Neck Physical Therapy Home Exercise Video Protocols 

Neck pain is a very common diagnosis which affects people of all ages.  Many complain of pain in the back of the neck, into the base of the skull, while others complain of headaches, forehead pain and even radiating symptoms into the arms (Cervical Radiculopathy).   Some neck conditions can be treated and managed conservatively with Physical Therapy and exercise, while more severe neck conditions may require surgical intervention prior to performing Physical Therapy.  Common cervical or neck conditions include bulging disc, herniated disc and stenosis, as well as whiplash, radiculopathy and headaches.  Cervical Spine surgeries include Laminectomy, Discectomy, and Neck Fusion.  Everyone experiencing neck conditions should cautiously progress through a rehabilitation program.  The S.O.D. Cervical Spine Physical Therapy Exercise DVDs guide you through this recovery process. 

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 Cervical Spine Fusion - Physical Therapy Home Exercise Video Program: $26.95
 cervical fusion and physical therapy

cervical spinal fusion
Many times, if conservative treatment does not reduce or eliminate the neck symptoms, a Cervical Spine Surgery such as Fusion, Laminectomy, Discectomy may be performed in order to help stabilize the spine and remove pressure from the spinal cord and nerve roots.  This Neck Physical Therapy Home Exercise Video Protocol will guide and progress you from the first week post surgery, to week 24.  Week 1-4 deals with basic mobility and active range of motion strength training neck exercises.  Week 4-8 deals with stretches, isometrics and initiates neck muscle stabilization exercises.  Week 8-12 emphasizes upper extremity strength training as well as scapula and trunk stabilization training.  Week 12-24  teaches more aggressive neck exercises and trunk stabilization activities. More than 60 Physical Therapy exercise techniques are explained with follow along Physical Therapy routines.

It is strongly recommended that you obtain clearance from your doctor/surgeon prior to initiating this Rehabilitation DVD protocol.  Usually, you will not be able to perform any exercise until 4-6 weeks post surgery.  Click Here For Post-Surgical Precautions

Whiplash - Physical Therapy Home Exercise Video Program: $22.95
whiplash and physical therapy
whiplash and physical therapy
An interesting fact about motor vehicle accidents states that most injuries occur at speeds less than 12mph and there is no correlation between vehicle damage and extent of injury.  Over 3 million Americans are injured in a collision annually.  You are at a 35-68% risk of being injured in a low speed rear impact collision.  Of the injured, 10% become disabled, and 60% suffer minor neck injuries.  Nearly 50% of all chronic neck pain in America results from a car crash.  Whiplash is an injury to the cervical spine caused by acceleration/deceleration, particularly during a rear-end motor vehicle collision.  Whiplash injuries make up more than 65% of all bodily injury claims.  To truly appreciate the economical impact, you must consider lost work productivity, medical care, disability, sick leave and litigation.  In all, this costs America approximately $8.5 billion. 

With whiplash, the neck muscle most affected is the Sternocleidomastoid (SCM).  Symptoms of whiplash include neck pain, stiffness, headaches, and even radiating pain into the arms.  This Neck Physical Therapy Home Exercise Video Protocol is comprised of 2 phases.  Phase One explains gentle neck stability techniques with strengthening activities for the arms following diagnosis of whiplash.  Phase Two explains whiplash specific neck stretches and dynamic stabilization activities.  Over 30 exercises in all.

Cervical Radiculopathy - Physical Therapy Home Exercise Video Program: $22.95

neck pain and physical therapy
cervical radiculopathy physical therapy

Cervical Radiculopathy may be caused by disc herniation and/or pinching of a nerve as it exits the vertebral foramen.  Symptoms of cervical radiculopathy include neck pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness in the neck and one or both arms. Herniated discs account for approximately 25% of the cases of cervical radiculopathy.  In older patients, the radiculopathy may be caused by osteophyte formation, degeneration and decreased disc height.  Smokers, heavy manual laborers who lift greater than 25 pounds, and those who drive/operate vibratory equipment have a higher risk of herniated discs.  Overall, there is less risk of a herniated cervical spine disc compared to a lumbar disc.  Symptoms are commonly felt in the shoulder, radiating into the arm and hand.  This Neck Physical Therapy Home Exercise Video Protocol for cervical radiculopathy is comprised of 2 phases.  Phase One explains  management of the radiculopathy or radiating symptoms, as well as neck and trunk stretches, neck muscle stabilization and nerve mobilization.  Phase Two focuses on neck strengthening, as well as trunk and scapula stabilization.  Over 30 exercises in all.

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Sample Video
Neck Isometrics: This video describes a common Physical Therapy exercise that is performed during neck rehabilitation for stabilization of the Cervical Spine.

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