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Are you training for Strength and Endurance, but realize that your grip strength is actually your weak link?

Are you unable to tolerate long sets, Lat Pulldowns or Deadlifts without using wrist straps to compensate for weak grip?

lat pulldown and grip                    Deadlift

Did you want to increase the grip challenge when using today's Functional Equipment such as Kettlebells, Ropes, Suspension Trainers, Sledgehammers, but you are not sure how?

Are you tired of spending money on your current training equipment, in order to
accessorize it for a greater grip challenge?

Suspension Trainer

Does your current grip accessory only fit on the traditional equipment, such as dumbells, barbells or cable column attachments?

Fat Grip Dumbbell

If this sounds like you, and you want
ONE grip accessory for ALL of your training equipment, then you need NEUROGRIPS™!!!

Neuro Grips ™

Made in the U.S.A.

Lifetime Warranty

Durable surface to minimize slippage

Adds thickness/diameter to any fitness tool you grasp

Protects your skin to eliminate calluses

Minimizes contact with germs

Improves mental focus in order to maximize hand grip


KB Fitness Neuro Grips ™:  "Don't build up the bar....Build up your hand!  Same result, but much more useful!

NeuroGrips do not build up the training device.  They build up the trainer’s hand.  Therefore, if your hand can fit and grip the device, NeuroGrips  will make gripping more challenging, thereby strengthening your hand grip and all involved muscles.  NeuroGrips  conform to regular and irregular shapes, increasing the hand grip demand of any device.  Upon use, you will need to use your hand grip strength and forearm strength to actively “crush” the device in order to maintain control.  This is the ‘risk factor.’  If you don’t grip it tightly, you cannot control it.  Since hand grip strength for many is a weak link, expect to decrease the load of your lifts initially until you can develop more hand grip strength.  As you strengthen your hand grip, you will be able to increase your lifts with all diameter devices, and this will reduce any hand grip-related limitations.

Why Neuro Grips™?

            When training your hand grip, the goal is to become strong enough to grasp objects of various sizes/diameters.  If the object is narrow or wide, you must adjust your hand grip to fit that size and hold it firmly.  Neuro Grips build up your hand, not the bar you are gripping.  Approximately a one-inch diameter will be added to any device you grip when using Neurogrips.  This will convert a standard 1-inch barbell into a 2-inch fat bar.  It will also convert a two-inch fat bar into a three-inch bar, and so on.   While training with NeuroGrips, you must constantly crush the device which you are working with.  Your thumb and finger muscles remain active throughout the entire motion.  NeuroGrips are a semi-dynamic fixture which forces you to adjust your hand grip in order to stabilize the hand and forearm when handling a shifting load.  The harder you squeeze the Neurogrips on the handle, the more control you have on the device.  As you decrease your grip, you allow the handle to move within your grasp.  This is a benefit over the current Fat Bar accessories, which are very firm rubber, with little give or compression.  The inability to compress these other grip accessories decreases proprioceptive input, making it more difficult to maximize control of your training device.  NeuroGrips can actually be used with those current Fat Bar accessories, adding additional grip challenge to your training.  NeuroGrips are especially helpful when performing explosive exercises such as the Kettlebell Snatch, in which your hand grip must be adjusted dynamically to slow down or speed up the rotation of the kettlebell in relation to your wrist.  This will enhance hand grip and forearm strength, motor control and proprioception.            

Try NeuroGrips™!!

The Most Diverse Grip Enhancing Accessory!!

Finger Strap Color

$19.95-$21.45 plus FREE shipping/handling within the Continental United States

Compare The Finger Overlap To See The Difference In Thickness

Easy On - Easy Off, Adding Approximately 1-Inch Thickness To The Grip Of Any Training Tool



Adjustable Finger Positioning For Customized Fit
Neurogrips Finger Webbing

Neurogrips Finger Webbing

Neurogrips Finger Webbing

Kettlebell Grip 
Kettlebell and Neurogrips

Barbells & Dumbbells
Barbell Grip

Barbell and Neurogrip

Dumbbell grip

dumbbell and neurogrips

Suspension Trainers

Suspension Trainer Grip      
Suspension Trainer and Neurogrips

Sledgehammer and Neurogrip

Pull Up Bars

Pull Up Grip                          
Pull Up and Neurogrips

Transform a 1-inch rope into a 2-inch rope

rope grip                 
rope and neurogrips

Transform a 1.5-inch rope into a 2.5-inch rope
rope grip                 
rope and neurogrip

Transform a 2-inch rope into a 3-inch rope

rope grip                 
rope and neurogrip

Resistance Tubing Handles

resistance tubing handle and neurogrips

gray cook tubing
gray cook tubing and neurogrips

Persian Mil
persian mil
persian mil and neurogrips

Nabard Devices

nabard short device
nabard short device and neurogrips

 nabard long device
nabard long device and neurogrips

Push-Up Trainers

push up handle            
push up handle and neurogrips

So there you have it!
NeuroGrips™ are the most versatile hand grip enhancing tool out there! They are easy to put on and remove, with no effort or
wasted time, and they can be used with any fitness tool, of any shape and size!!  They allow you to adjust and modify your grip throughout each exercise which enhances your neurological system! 
Buy NeuroGrips™ Today!!
Finger Strap Color Options:

Finger Strap Color

$19.95-$21.45 plus FREE shipping/handling within Continental United States


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