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The usual Physical Therapy progression following any injury or surgery is based on protocols divided into time frames. As certain Physical Therapy exercises are more beneficial than others during your injury recovery stages, a Physical Therapist will usually follow a standard physical therapy exercise prescription based on experience and surgical protocol. The initial weeks following your injury/surgery deal with basic Physical Therapy exercises/activities aimed at decreasing pain, maximizing mobility, and preventing further injuries. As the weeks progress, the Physical Therapy exercises become more demanding, with a focus on transitioning to strength, endurance and stability. You will perform these Physical Therapy exercises while you are in the clinic and will then be expected to continue your Physical Therapy exercises as a Home Exercise Program (HEP). A common prescription for Physical Therapy written by many doctors after injury/surgery calls for three times a week for four weeks. Many times, by the fourth week, some progress in recovery has been made and the therapist will usually request additional therapy visits from the doctor. Although the doctor may agree to this extension of rehabilitation therapy, many insurance companies will not allow the requested extension.  This is where we come in!
Rehabilitation at home

The Physical Therapy Video Exercise Protocols offered on this site are beneficial for patients attending Physical Therapy, those who have been discharged from Physical Therapy, Fitness Trainers who are working with clients who have been injured or those who are focused on injury prevention and physical rehabilitation programs.  Over the last few years, insurance companies have been charging higher premiums, yet covering less services.  I have worked with clients with very good insurance as well as those with poor coverage, high copays and very high deductibles.  The information offered in this site will guide you through the most common injuries to assist in your complete recovery, while posing the least amount of financial or personal strain.  The Physical Therapy exercises will also help minimize your risk of injuries or re-injury.  I advise anyone who uses this information to continue visiting their doctor, as your doctor will assess your progress every few weeks, especially following a surgical repair.  You can discuss the Physical Therapy exercises included in your protocol, and your doctor can further guide your physical rehabilitation progress, based on the specifics of the surgery he performed on you.  You will find that the more consistent you are with your Home Physical Therapy Exercise Program, the faster you will recover, return to your prior activity level, and avoid further injury.

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