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Physical Therapy Home Exercise Videos:

Gain access to an entire Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Home Exercise Program Protocol for less than the price of one Physical Therapy treatment session!!
No more sharing treatment time with 2 or 3 other patients! 
No more maneuvering your daily routine in order to be able to make your scheduled Physical Therapy clinic appointment! 
Absolutely Convenient & Efficient Physical Therapy!!

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During a Physical Therapy session, the main questions I am asked by my patients are:

What do I need to do to get better?
What should I “not be doing” so I can avoid re-injury?
When should I be performing these physical therapy home exercises so I do not make my condition worse?
Am I doing the home exercise program correctly?
How often should I be doing the home exercise program?
What exactly are these particular home exercises focusing on?

As Therapists, we are here to guide you through your physical therapy. But the majority of the responsibility for your rehabilitation and  recovery is yours. You MUST do the physical therapy home exercises (even if you are not attending your therapy sessions) if you intend to recover from your injury in a timely manner!

physical therapy schedule
Many patients choose their job over their health/recovery, so they miss multiple physical therapy visits, and some never even return.

  medical bills                                            physical therapy copay
Most likely, patients attend only a few physical therapy visits due to their limited insurance coverage, the expense of time and money, as well as the fear of losing their job. They will be discharged from physical therapy, many times sooner than they feel is appropriate, with a home exercise program worksheet showing stick figures and brief descriptions of the proper techniques for the home exercises. They often lose this home exercise program handout and never perform the beneficial physical therapy home exercises again.  Due to poor insurance coverage, Physical Therapy clinics may even refuse to take your insurance.
physical therapy bill
Not only do you have high co-pays, but most clinics may hesitate to accept you as a patient because their reimbursement is so low. If they do decide to treat you for your injury, they may double or triple book you with other patients in order to make it more profitable (who can blame them!).
physical therapy session
This means, you will be spending an hour or more in the physical therapy clinic, sharing time with other patients, when you could have performed the physical therapy exercises in 20 minutes at home, and still have time for your work and family responsibilities.


Why Strength On Demand Physical Therapy Home Exercise DVDs?
The Strength On Demand (S.O.D.) Physical Therapy Home Exercise Program DVDs are body part and protocol driven videos.  Many of the Physical Therapy Home Exercise Videos on the market today offer very general home exercise programs that are strictly body part driven.  For example, one website offers a "Knee" category and then lists various exercises for that particular body part.  It does not explain when to do these exercises, or which exercises are prerequisites for others.  It just offers a list of exercises.  While this may be somewhat beneficial for general body part strengthening, most people turn to Physical Therapy when a particular issue (injury or surgery) regarding that body part arises.  They want more information than just a list of exercises.  They want to know which specific exercises should be performed to rehabilitate that body part and when during their course of rehabilitation should they be doing those exercises in order to avoid further set backs. 

Physical Therapy exercise video DVD

S.O.D. Physical Therapy Home Exercise Video Programs discuss common errors and corrections when performing the exercises, as well as explanations on the value and purpose of each exercise.  Each DVD included in the purchased protocol consists of a particular time frame following the injury/surgery which describes all of the exercises that you are advised to do at that particular time.  A checklist is available for you to take to your doctor for further protocol customizations.  In summary, your Physical Therapy Home Exercise DVD Program will safely guide you step-by-step from day one post-op or post-injury to the post rehab fitness stages of your particular condition.      
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