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Who Can Benefit From KB Fitness In-Home-Training

Imagine this. You are in pain as a result of an injury or surgery.  

Or, maybe you have recently fallen down and you are now scared to death to leave your home.  

Either way, you realize that you can not do what you used to do and have to rely on others to help you.  

Your legs are shaky and weak.  You have trouble getting out of a chair and when you walk you hold onto every piece of furniture in your home to avoid falling again, causing more injuries.

It is a struggle to get dressed in the morning in order to leave your house for appointments.  And when you do leave, you are worried that you may fall outside and not return.  The last place you want to be is in the hospital!

You don't feel safe driving anymore but you can not depend on your neighbors to take you to therapy. 

If you do finally get to your Physical Therapy Clinic, you now have to sit in an uncomfortable chair for who knows how long before you are actually treated by your therapist.  Then you spend half of your treatment time waiting for your therapist to fit you in with all of his other patients.  He sets you up with an exercise and doesn't come back for 20 minutes!

The Solution

Imagine what life would be like to be able to move like you used to.  Your pain level has diminished and you are able to confidently leave your home to socialize with family and friends again!  

You can reach this goal in the COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME!!!

And I can give you the tools to do it!!!

No more stressing-out to get ready in the morning to leave your house for an appointment!

No more wasting time in a clinic waiting room!

No more sharing your Physical Therapy treatment time with other patients!


This is what you will receive upon signing up!


1-on-1 Training By A Licensed Physical Therapist/Physical Therapist Assistant

Receive professional guidance from a licensed health care practitioner!  This means no more relying on family, friends, neighbors, or the internet to tell you what exercises you should be doing to maximize your recovery.  

Receive Training In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

No need to juggle your schedule or deal with the stress and anxiety of driving to the clinic, waiting in a waiting room, sharing treatment time with other people who are also training.  This means you can spend more time taking care of your daily needs as well as more time with your family and friends.

This program will also help you to minimize exposure to larger crowds who may be contagious with a cold, the flu or especially today, The CORONA-VIRUS!

Learn a Home Exercise Program That You Can Continue To Perform On Your Own

Maintain your independence in your recovery and in your lifestyle...You will recover from your injury quicker as you will learn what exercises to do when you are not seeing your trainer.  This means you will get back to spending quality time with family and friends, return to the golf course, tennis court, bowling alley, Gym, etc...QUICKER THAN YOU EVER IMAGINED!

Your Recovery Is No Longer Dictated By Your Insurance Company

Receive as much training as you want, as often as you want without having to wait for authorization from an insurance company.  This means less chance of re-injury or regressing because you will have a trainer whenever you want to keep you on track!

Receive 24/7 Online Access To Your Customized Exercise Program

Take advantage of the option to perform your customized exercise program wherever, whenever with online access to videos, so you will not be limited by location or time.  This means you can perform your exercises even if you are out of town or unable to schedule with your trainer!


One-on-One Training

My name is Nicholas Parmigiano and I live on Florida’s Treasure Coast. I have been a Physical Therapist since 2002, after graduating from the State University of New York, at Stony Brook, with a Master’s Degree of Science in Physical Therapy. Since graduating, I have become a ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Kinesiotaping Practitioner, and Functional Movement Specialist, and continue to expand my knowledge by attending as many continuing education courses as I can.  I was attracted to the Physical Therapy field when my sister required Physical Therapy at the age of 21 for bilateral hip replacements, during her recovery from Leukemia. I also witnessed my father attend months of Physical Therapy after a near fatal car accident. Since graduating from Physical Therapy school, I have worked as a Physical Therapist in Skilled Nursing Facilities, Orthopedic Clinics, Hospital Outpatient Clinics and for multiple Home Care Agencies. I have provided Physical Therapy for patients of all ages with a multitude of diagnoses. These include cardiac and pulmonary conditions, Parkinsons Disease and other neurological disorders, Joint Replacements, Spinal Surgery and various other Orthopedic conditions, Balance Deficits, and General Deconditioning. I have worked with athletes recovering from injuries, weekend warriors, school age adolescents, middle age retirees and the frail elderly. 

Contact us at or call 772-485-9447 to schedule one-on-one sessions in your home.  We specialize in strengthening prior to surgery, recovery after surgery, injury prevention/recovery, Fall Prevention, balance training and functional training to ensure you are moving at your absolute best.  Each session lasts 45 minutes and you will work alongside a Licensed Physical Therapist/Physical Therapist Assistant.  We have experience working with people of all different backgrounds, abilities, and diagnoses, ranging from the general deconditioned who want their social life back, to clients recovering from Strokes, falls, and/or joint replacements.  Each program will be customized to YOUR ABILITIES.  Currently serving Florida's Treasure Coast, including Hobe Sound, Stuart, Palm City, Jensen Beach.









I signed on with Nick Parmigiano on reference from my current trainer after herniating a disc in my lower back. I was always active and wanted to continue my lifestyle without re-injuring my back. On my first Physical Therapy session, Nick Parmigiano showed me how to stretch and strengthen my back. Correct posture and smart ways to do the exercises which I had always done in addition to new kettlebell and core exercises to add to my repertoire. He provided me with an exceptional Physical Therapy DVD for lower back/whole body strengthening which allowed me to work at home on my fitness while my back recovered. I found that I was seeing results by working all the right muscle groups and had no lower back discomfort from these sessions and DVD home exercise workouts. My back actually was feeling normal again. Nick encouraged me to not restrict my activities because of my lower back issue, but to continue to use smart body awareness to avoid injuring myself again, which has proven to be the most use for me. Nick was extremely professional. His information was cutting edge. His techniques gave me results beyond my expectations. I have recommended KB Fitness to several of my friends who have struggled with the same back issues I have experienced.

Lisa King


Nick Parmigiano has been my therapist since February 2012. He has been working with me to recover from a full knee replacement and also a secondary knee manipulation. I am also disabled with a bad back since 1995 and Nick has taken that injury into consideration. Nick is very aware of my limitations with regard to the additional injury. He has made adjustments, where needed, in the exercises, to fully utilize the sessions to get the full benefit for both injuries and not aggravate the older existing injury, so that we still get to the degree of usage needed for recovery. Nick has explained what I can also do at home, in layman’s terms, and that will complement the exercises we do with/on the equipment for rehab. His working knowledge of Physical Therapy is outstanding and explanation of what he needs and expects to accomplish with our sessions. Nick is compassionate and understanding and puts you at ease with his knowledge and ability to help you return to good health.

Marc Rivard


Nick Parmigiano is totally professional and has a lovely personality. His Physical Therapy knowledge is extensive and he explains the different therapies in understandable language. I have gained my strength and my pain has diminished appreciably, having acute calcium pyrophosphate. I would have no problem in referring him to my friends. I’ve been an athlete all my life (a National Figure Skater) and I’m now 85. He has gotten me strong enough to ski again this winter. He is a remarkable and talented young man.

Damaris D. Ford


Nick Parmigiano is my client’s Physical Therapist. He visits her home twice weekly and assists with strength training exercises and education. As her nurse, these sessions with Nick provide me with practical strategies and suggestions to use for her care and transfers. An example of her progress is one year ago, when I began this case, she was quite weak and compromised due to end stage renal disease with hospitalization and initiation of hemodialysis. She required VERA Lift for all transfers. Within a few months of Nick’s Physical Therapy, her strength improved enough to transfer with a walker, return to her hair salon appointments, and utilize a wheelchair transport van rather than a stretcher transport for dialysis. Within another few months ambulation progressed with the walker and standby assist….eventually up to 25 feet, four times each session. She is thrilled with her accomplishments and quite thankful for Nick. Nick is always punctual, professional, kind and motivating. My client and I both consider Nick’s “individualized and goal-oriented” Physical Therapy imperative to her optimal health.

Ruth Whitehouse RN


It took fifty years of crippling injuries, complicated by a degenerative condition and failed surgeries to reduce me to the state I was in – stooped over, helpless, in excruciating pain and very angry. I couldn’t stand up straight or get around without a walker, and often wore a neck brace. I just wanted to be able to walk again without help, to hold my head up, and throw my shoulders back, to look alive again. It seemed hopeless and I was ready to give up when Nick Parmigiano was assigned to my case.

Most of my doctors said I shouldn’t get my hopes up. The only treatment they could suggest was Physical Therapy. I was VERY leery of Physical Therapists, having been set back by a few that I had previously worked with. Imagine my state of mind when they sent Nick Parmigiano to work with me. Nick is the first person who encouraged me to get well. Everyone else said they would do the best they could, but doubted that I would ever be completely well again.

Nick is a quiet, dignified, unassuming, handsome, erudite gentleman who exudes confidence. He didn’t frighten me a bit. I almost cried when Nick explained how he thought he could help me. He explained it very clearly so that I was able to understand it and believe it. And he HAS helped me. He seems to know when I can’t tolerate heavy massage or long walks and changes his treatment accordingly. Nick helped me establish Physical Therapy goals that are reachable – we set little steps instead of giant leaps. He not only explains the method, but illustrates it as well. I’m not completely healed, but I’m stronger every day.

Thank you Nick and may God bless you and keep you safe forever.

M. E. Whitten


My name is Lisa Goldman. I had shoulder surgery on my left shoulder after being injured at work. I was sent to KB Fitness for Physical Therapy. I highly recommend Nick Parmigiano as a Physical Therapist. After only a few weeks, my range of motion improved greatly. He also gave me home exercises which helped me out a lot. Nick Parmigiano is a personable individual who knows his job and does it well.

Lisa Goldman


Home Physical Therapy Videos

How We Can Help You

  • The information provided in each Physical Therapy exercise video is explained by a medical professional who is experienced in providing Physical Therapy and Personal Training to clients with diagnoses ranging from extreme frailty and deconditioning to athletes recovering from a possible career ending surgery. 
  • You will receive detailed explanations on proper exercise technique, reasoning for the particular exercises, common mistakes, and technique corrections. 
  • This website offers complete rehabilitation exercise protocols...Once purchased, you will not have to pay copays each time you perform the exercises
  •  Most of the protocols include follow along routines that take no longer than 25 minutes to complete, and are already organized for you.  This takes the guess-work out of devising your own exercise program 

Learn an exercise program that you can do anywhere.

See the Difference

  • The Physical Therapy protocols allow you to perform a Home Exercise Program frequently and correctly, which will help you to accomplish your Physical Therapy goals faster
  • Great to use in conjunction with your current Physical Therapy Program
  • Great to use if your insurance does not cover many Physical Therapy visits
  • May allow you to reduce the amount of weekly visits to your current Physical Therapist  
  • If you are a Fitness Trainer, purchasing these exercise videos will help to expand your clientele, as you will gain the knowledge through these exercise videos to help safely and effectively progress injured or recovering clients (Special Populations).  Routines have been developed in weekly time frames according to rehabilitative protocols used by Medical Professionals.  This allows you, the Fitness Trainer to play an important role in your client’s Health Care Team

Our ONLINE Services


Individual Protocol Purchases

Purchase a single protocol that fits your needs or the needs of someone you know.  Protocols are broken down into therapeutic time frames, progressing you from basic to more aggressive activities in order to maximize recovery



Purchase the Entire Protocol Collection

This works great for Fitness Professionals, especially those who are expanding their clientele to include prehab and post rehab fitness clients.  Due to the changes in insurance coverage and the limited time people have to attend Physical Therapy, many people recovering from injuries or surgeries seek out Personal Trainers.  Knowledge of these protocols will keep you on top of your game when it comes to safely progressing your clients, and it will allow you to confidently market your skills to all age groups with various physical abilities, allowing you to make more money!


Follow Along Workout

Each Protocol includes an explanation of individual exercises, broken down into time frames.  It is not only important to know what exercises you must do to help you recover, but you must also perform the exercises at the appropriate time.  Performing an exercise too soon following injury or surgery could delay your progress.  

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