Discover How You Can Reduce Foot and Ankle Pain, as Well as Hip, Knee, Back and Neck Pain Just By Adding Support to Your Feet!

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If you’re currently suffering from pain, here’s some reasons why it could be lasting longer than it should:

  • You gave it a lot of time to go away on its own, but no such luck.
  • You went to your doctor who handed you pills but all those did was make you feel loopy and nauseous. 
  • Friends and family told you to go on Youtube to see what others have done, but this didn’t help at all.
  • You tried other Health Care Professionals like Chiropractors and Physical Therapists, but they didn’t help.
  • You took some time off to rest, but as soon as you returned to your normal routine, the pain returned.
  • You had painful injections which provided relief for a week, and then the pain returned.

You may be asking yourself…
“Why is this happening to me?”…
“Why am I STILL suffering for months even though I’ve tried just about everything to ease the pain and fix the problem?”…

The truth is that it all starts from the ground up.

If we have a sturdy foundation, in this case our feet, then all the joints above will be better aligned to deal with everyday stressors.

However, if we do not have a stable foundation, due to flat arches in our feet, then the joints above may very well be affected and not able to efficiently deal with our deal activities.

This may lead to pain and eventually injuries.
Custom Orthotics are an easy way to add stability to unstable feet. Here’s how Custom Orthotics compare to off the shelf orthotics.

For conditions like heel pain, custom orthotics for feet can provide targeted relief by redistributing pressure and promoting proper foot alignment.

Custom Orthotics are specifically tailored to fit your feet, addressing your unique biomechanical needs. They provide personalized foot care and orthotics treatment, offering optimal support and alignment.

In summary, when seeking orthotics for heel pain or other foot-related issues, custom orthotics offer superior support and alignment compared to off-the-shelf options.

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If this sounds like you, and you just feel like you are at your wits end, we would love for you to book a call with a Physical Therapist here at Treasure Coast Physical Therapy and Fitness.  Even if you have tried other options and they did not work, that is beneficial, as it saves us the time and energy when discovering what will work.

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If you are very skeptical or nervous about Physical Therapy because you had it before and did not feel relief from it, or because you have no idea what Physical Therapy is all about, the Free Discovery Visit would be perfect for you.  During this complimentary visit we will find out what is causing your pain and what we can do to fix it.

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